Source Code for Build is now available

I have put on Google Drive the source for the build. It has a few specials so you’ll need to do some little changes to meet your own needs but if you have a 7″ LCD then this will build and work straight off on the A20.

I’ll try to document what you need to do below any changes as I go along.

I have included a rather nice BootAnimation that is set for 800 x 480 display.

3G Library

The 3G library from Softwinner does not handle SMS for some reason. the CNMI command found in the binary file is set to now send any unsolicited SMS message and there is no CMGL command to request them so it appears that the library is for PPP only. It does send SMS.

I started to try and port the HuaweiGenericRil.lib to the platform but so far still no SMS receive. It’s a work in progress.

To enable and disable to 2 libraries, navigate to the android4.2/device/softwinner/olinuxino-a20 directory and in there you will find a system.prop file. Open this and edit the following lines but changing the comment marker to the library you don’t want to use.


For example, I have it for the Huawei library as supplied.

Everything else should give you a working Android platform and if you have any feedback of questions, then please feel free to post a comment about it.

Reflashing the Image

When you reflash the image to the SD or NAND (I use SD for now until development is completed) choose the NO option in Phoenixsuit and then your exisitng configuration and data is untouched.

By Dave McLaughlin

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