PPP now working with existing RIL and Huawei Generic RIL

I’ve finally gotten PPP to work. I had missed out the chat driver that handles the PPP connection. In fact, I had removed this thinking it was a chat type app like WhatsApp. Ooops.

Anyway, for those with the existing code from the download, here is the change you need to do.

Locate this file:


And add the following line to the second PRODUCT_PACKES += entry.

chat \

This will make sure that chat is used.

It also works with the existing softwinnder RIL and the Huawei RIL.

I also got SMS to partially work. It seems to work sending the first time then nothing after this. Same with receive, so I am still working on this part. You need to locate the AT+CNMI line in the source or in the libsoftwinner-lib.so file with a hex editor and change this to 1,2,0,0,0 to get it working the same as I have. The existing setting is set not to pass through SMS to the module.

I’ll document later when I get SMS working and I will be updating the source code on the Google Drive with the fully working version soon.

By Dave McLaughlin

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