Latest Source Uploaded

The latest source was uploaded to the Google Drive and includes a working RIL that supports PPP and SMS at the same time.

The Huawei Generic RIL was used to replace the Allwinner RIL which would not send or receive SMS.

The new one also supports USSD but needs the phone interface to use this so the build includes this now.

The only outstanding issue is that SMS’s don’t seem to be removed from the SIM so I am still working on code to sort this. You can use the Messaging App to read and delete these from the settings menu. For now I delete any SMS’s stored on boot up as they have already been read. This is done before the system is connected to the network so any new SMS waiting to be delivered are not affected.

I’ll post up the fix once I have it working and fully tested.

Get the code here. Android Source

By Dave McLaughlin

9 comments on “Latest Source Uploaded

  1. Would you mind posting the SHA1 checksums for your *.tar.gz files?
    When unpacking one, I get errors telling me about files that are already there – as if those were in the file twice. Is my download clean I wonder?
    ehaase@val:~/android$ ls -la *gz
    -rw-r–r– 1 ehaase ehaase 2852894562 Jun 4 15:34 axon-android4.2.tar.gz
    -rw-r–r– 1 ehaase ehaase 1909131864 Jun 4 15:36 axon-lichee.tar.gz

  2. I am not able to extract your kernel archive… I get a bunch of errors trying to extract, all similar to this one :
    Hi Dave,

    I cannot extract neither of your archives… I get a bunch of errors similar to that one:

    tar: lichee/u-boot/include/asm: Cannot open: File exists

    As a friendly tip, it might be good to run a “make clean” and remove your packed image before making the archive, it would likely save some filesize

    Give me the heads up if you have time to make a post about the change of RIL please.

    Thanks !

    Not sure of the reason for the “file exist” errors to be honest…

  3. Awesome Dave, awesome. I must say, that if it was not for your efforts, then I would give Olimex a complete miss…

    Thanks for the sources, it is really helping me in my projects. I am currently trying to get the SPI’s to work, but thus far no luck. My end goal is to have the board working with the ili9341 LCD display via SPI,

    I have enabled the SPI in the fed files, and DMESG does list the SPI devices, but they do not show in “/dev/”…

    I am using fbtft_device sources that I compiled into the kernel, and I can “insmod” the driver, but the SPI pins are as silent as Olimex support 🙂 …

    No error in DMESG, and all seems to be fine.

    Any help/pointers will be appreciated. And once again, thanks for all your hard work, and for making it available to the community.

      • Ooops, sorry for spamming, but it seems that “F-E-X” gets changed to “fed” the whole time…

    • Hi Louan, I think the reason for the failure of the non showing in dev is to do with registration of the device. If you can send me a link to the source driver you used and anything else that pertains to your SPI setup, I can try to help as I would like to have working SPI on Android too? I’ll be more than happy to share what I find. You can email me direct as

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